Inter Shia War -

Activity Period

الضاحية الجنوبية لبيروت\البقاع\إقليم التفاح وبين جزين والنبطية

Following the War of the Camps, an inter-sectarian war broke out between Amal and Hezbollah, which had supported the Palestinians as both struggled for power over West Beirut and South Lebanon. This period saw several ceasefires brokered by Iran and Syria, but none held very long. The clashes took place in Beirut’s southern suburbs, in the Beqaa, Iqlim al-Tuffah, and between Jezzine and Nabatieh, among other places. The war lasted until November 1990, when Syria brokered a final truce that gave Hezbollah taking control over Beirut and Amal of South Lebanon. Following their truce, both sides exchanged prisoners. Until 1990, this war had killed around 3,000 people, both civilians and combatants.