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To the thousands of missing whose fate remains unkown

We will not let your stories end here.

Why are we still looking for the disappeared?

Addressing the issue of the disappeared is crucial to end the injustice suffered by the families of the missing and is a necessary first step towards establishing the basis for a sustainable peace in Lebanon.

Help us complete the stories

By filling the profile of a missing person, adding a massgrave and marking an event, you will be contributing in the reconstruction of the unsolved story of the disappeared.

over the years we have collected stories that
families wanted to share.

In a country that rarely knew rest, many events
were marked and located.

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Behind this initiative

Act for the Disappeared (ACT) is a Lebanese human rights association founded in 2010. Its mission is to contribute to the clarification of the fate of the disappeared and missing in Lebanon, to foster a sustainable reconciliation process and to prevent the recurrence of violence in the country.

Since its inception, ACT has been working with the Committee of the Families of the Kidnapped and Disappeared in Lebanon to lobby for the creation of a national commission to investigate the fate of the missing. ACT also works on generating greater public visibility for the cause and engages with civil society to support the right to know of the families.

In Parallel ACT works around 3 principal projects:

  1. Accompaniment of the Families of the Missing and Disappeared with the ICRC
  2. Investigation on the fate of the missing and protection of graves sites
  3. Memorialization and intercommunity dialogues