Fayadiye Battle -

Activity Period

الفياضية، بعبدا ، جبل لبنان

A clash erupted in front of the Lebanese military barrack of the military school in Fayadieh in the northeastern suburb of Beirut. An ADF (Syrian) unit had set up a checkpoint in front of the barrack, despite several requests by the Lebanese Army for its removal.
When the checkpoint was not removed, the Lebanese Army attacked it. This marked the open confrontation between the Lebanese army (and the Christian militias) and the ADF. As a result, the ADF shelled the school and then shelled Christian residential neighborhoods of Ain al-Remmaneh, Karm al-Zeitoun, and Badaro in East Beirut; at least 100 civilians were killed and
200 wounded. A testimony of a Lebanese Red Cross Paramedic 1976 – 1982: “During the Fayadieh Battle with the Syrian army in 1976, I saw decomposing bodies of dead Syrian soldiers in a field in front of the railway station in Furn el Chibek. There were at least a couple dozen of bodies, and they were not buried. We moved 6 or 7 of them to the military hospital where they were given to the Syrian command”.