Battle of Bahsas; Abu Samra; Mina; Bab al-Tebbaneh/Jabal Mohsen -

Activity Period

البحصاص. ابو سمرة المينا. باب التبانة/ جبل محسن

During over 18 days of fighting, the Arab Democratic Party & Syrian Social Nationalist Party & Lebanese Communist Party & Syrian Baath Party (strongly backed up by 3,000 soldiers from the Syrian Special Forces bombard Tripoli and penetrate the vicinity of the neighbourhoods of Abu Samra and Mina and Bahsas and bab al-Tebbaneh in order to dislodge Tawhid fighters. This causes the killing of 570 people; with 1,789 others injured and 300,000 being displaced. By one account, 80% of Bab al-Tebbaneh, Jabal Mohsen and Mina were destroyed by the shelling and the fighting.