The 1985 battle between Tawhid and the pro-Syrian coalition -

Activity Period

Jabal Mohsen, American Quarter, Bab al-Tebbaneh, and Qobbe

Armed/Political Groups involved/responsible
Tawhid (Harakat al-Tawhid al-Islami, or Islamic Unity Movement)
Pro-Syrian coalition

The 1985 battle between Tawhid and the pro-Syrian coalition was a violent conflict in Tripoli, Lebanon, from September to October 1985. The battle emerged within the broader context of Tawhid's prior massacre of Communist activists in Mina, where the Islamist armed group had gained control of Tripoli and engaged in clashes with leftist militants. The conflict escalated as tensions rose between Tawhid and the Arab Democratic Party, prompting the Syrian army to intervene alongside other leftist militias to eliminate Tawhid's presence. The battle began with skirmishes in mid-September initially centered on Jabal Mohsen / American Quarter then extending to Bab al-Tebbaneh and Qobbe (Al-Nahar, 16/9/1985), and later to various neighborhoods, resulting in significant casualties and displacement of residents. Ultimately, after days of intense shelling and ground assaults by the Syrian army, a ceasefire was brokered, leading to Tawhid's surrender and the Syrian army's full control of Tripoli. However, the period was marked by numerous forced disappearances, attributed to various actors including Tawhid, the Syrian army, and anti-regime factions. These disappearances occurred both before and during the battle, with reports of individuals being kidnapped, killed, and never heard from again.